SAP Upgrades

While upgrading an existing SAP setup there are critical decisions to be taken and various options to choose from. Our experienced team will not only help you in this decision making, but also ensure that you are able to extract maximum leverage out of the upgrade.

Rapid technical upgrades:

Many companies are forced to upgrade to the latest SAP release due to expiring contracts. A rapid technical upgrade does this for you without disturbing existing business applications. Our experts can help you upgrade rapidly to new SAP release with almost no downtime.

Extensive upgrades:

Our consultants, with their wide experience and deep understanding of delta functionality and technology between various SAP versions, can help you select the appropriate SAP upgrade process. We help you decide the scope of functional and technical upgrade and also ensure returns from the upgrade.

Our specialty:

  • Extensive understanding of various SAP versions and delta functionality
  • Well defined processes for facilitation of upgrade roadmap definition
  • Technical and functional upgrades across different versions
  • Clear understanding of improvement areas and their business impact
  • Executing the upgrades with minimum system downtime
  • Accurate estimation of budget and time for upgrade
  • Effective training after the upgrades