Delivery of SAP Centers

Techatalyst helps SAP Consulting Cos / Service Providers and End-Clients deliver a high quality Delivery Center with shorter time to market and over 40% savings.

Techatalyst delivers these benefits through the unique model of setting up your operations Offshore (India). Creating YOUR offshore Extended Delivery Centers (EDCs) is the only way you get complete protection over your processes and end-client relationships with desired level of Control.

Techatalyst gives you all the benefits of your own delivery center without the hassles of establishing & owning one. We are with you right from idea conceptualization to setting up of team, processes to the final delivery of the product/ services through the Global Delivery Model.

For SAP Consulting/ Service Providers:

What are your Risks going offshore?

As SAP Services company exploring advantages of offshore model you have 3 primary risks. 

Your Intellectual Property (IP) be it your process ideas, designs, processes, knowledge tools, etc. a

Your end-clients relationship. That define who you are.

And your most critical asset – your offshore team!

In the traditional offshore delivery model, all of the above elements are at significant risk, irrespective of the size/stature of the service provider.  The problem doesn’t lie in the traditional offshore service provider; it’s in their business model.  Techatalyst’s EDC model on the other hand is unique & different conceptualized to addresses all the 3 risks (and some more) very comprehensively.

How does Techatalyst manage these risks?

The beauty of the Techatalyst approach is its simplicity – singular focus on SAP Service Providers. Because we understand your business, we minimize your exposure to these risks. The key is our business model.

This stems from our fundamental belief -- for you, outsourcing is NOT an option – not while your IP & End-client relationships are at risk, and you have little Control.

Techatalyst-EDC model is unlike any offshore ODC/GDC/CoE models. The focus of Techatalyst-EDC is giving the control of critical aspects of running the EDC in your hands. Right from conceptualization, incorporation, infrastructure, teams, processes and everything else that’s critical to your business. In fact, it’s your extension we set up and run; with an option for you to own it.

How is the Techatalyst different?

Techatalyst is different from all other service providers in 2 distinct ways.

Our operational model is – the EDC. With your EDC we are able to ‘replicate’ all the elements that are core to your organization. Right from your recruiting patterns, to HR strategies, to product delivery concepts.

And, we guarantee complete visibility unlike most outsourced operations.

Together, it’s an unbeatable combination working for your success.


For end-clients aspiring to set up their Captive Centers:

Many end-clients with SAP as their principal Enterprise App platform, having global operations use India based service providers for application support. Most of these are run by large SIs who have very little attention spans for managing details of end-client since they have sledge-hammer approach to servicing.

Such end-clients face the brunt of poor servicing due to change in vendor’s management teams, repeated knowledge transitioning due to attrition & other changes, lower skilled resources deployed, no focus on adding value, etc.

A solution to these problems, as they experience, is not changing the vendor, but in creating your own Captive Center. A Captive Center that mirrors the rest of your organization globally, where you have complete control over quality of resources, deployment strategies, process framework, support coverage and so on.

With Techatalyst-EDC, you get complete control over all aspects of the center without the headaches of managing one. Your costs are reduced dramatically & your users, very happy with ‘your’ center in India.

How can I get these benefits?

Techatalyst has a well defined process that lays out the roadmap to set up an offshore EDC. It begins with a 20 min call that explains key concepts of the EDC. This is followed by a couple of face to face meetings with client key executives to understand business goals & challenges. The process culminates in a half day workshop that defines how, when, & who of the EDC delivery.

Call us. And we’ll tell you how!