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e-Tendering Solution for Government & Public Sector Agencies

Completely web based end-to-end solution for Procurement of all commodities in Government Organizations. Connects Procurement Authorities directly with the suppliers to improve efficiency in the procurement processes.



Salient Features of Procurement BackOffice

The e-Tendering Platform Systems offers an opportunity for automating most of the tendering process

From creating tender document, specification, advertising, bid submission, tender evaluation, awarding and placing contract. It also facilitates exchange of all relevant document in electronic format. It involves uploading tender document on to a secure website with secure login, authentication and viewing rules. It is a simplified technical web based solution.

The use of e-Tendering will reduce administrative costs and process time, as well as increasing the quality and transparency of decision making process and reducing the number of complaints. The eTendering system will enable the users to eliminate unnecessary overheads and thus make further savings in the value of the tenders.

With the introduction of the e-Tendering Systems, everything can be submitted and tracked online. If there happens to be missing or inadequate information, the system will alert applicant immediately, preventing possible rejection binds at opening sessions due to routine errors. Since bids can be placed and monitored online, competition and added value, which will eventually lead to increase protection of the public property .

The e-Tendering Systems will tremendously boost the business. It will also improve efficiency, productivity, and will make businesses easier to transact with Government Agencies.

Solution Highlights:

  • Supports RFT / RFQ / RFI
  • Single/Two envelop bid response: The Solution supports both methods of bid submission single and two envelops
  • Single/Multi-stage bidding: Enables Procurement authorities to have single / multistage bidding process
  • Collaborative working: Tendering process involves multiple collaborative activities such as Tender Preparation, approval, etc. are supported through dynamic workflows.
  • Improve Efficiency: The solution enables to improve various processes in tendering life cycle such as publishing tenders online, receiving bid responses online, automatic rejection, of responses, and reduce other labor saving tasks
  • Analyze Spend & Savings: Better spend analysis by different parameters and finding out saving against the estimates
  • Dynamic workflows: Completely configurable workflows that suites organization structure and policies can be implemented


 Business Benefits:
  • Provides a very good ROI (Return on investment) in the long run by saving time and money
  • Reduces tender cycle times
  • Saves an estimated 20 to 50% time and effort
  • Allows the buyer to focus on decision making and adding value
  • Removes courier and printing costs & environmental impact
  • Provides greater audit-ability and control
  • Cross tabulation by vender scores / commodity prices,
  • Makes comparison easy
  • Ease of spend control
Salient Features of Procurement Back Office: 
  • Handles multiple procurement strategies, Open and Limited, Direct Purchase
  • Complete life cycle of the Tender from preparation to Contract creation
  • Support multiple tender types, RFP, RFQ, RFI
  • Dynamic workflows, Questionnaires by type of tenders
  • Multi-stage Bid closing and opening
  • Cross tabulation and evaluation of bid responses
  • Templates for Tenders, Workflows, Questionnaires, and Documents
  • Setup spend thresholds, cost centers
  • Spend reporting by Commodities, Cost center and many more
  • In build notification and alert framework for communication with buyers and suppliers
  • Complete auditing and document tracking enabled
  • Multi-lingual support

 Salient Features of Supplier Portal:

  • Online registration for suppliers
  • Notifications for newly announced tenders to registered suppliers
  • Online buying of Bid documents
  • Online submission of enquiries
  • Online submission of bid responses
  • Multiple submissions till closing date and time
  • Online submission of protests / complaints
  • Easy integration with payment gateways for on-line processing of payment requests
  • Multi-lingual support