Shop Floor Scheduling

Products – Shop Floor Scheduling Solutions

Techatalyst Shop Floor Scheduler module provides your company with the capability to sequence work orders on your resources based on

  • Capacity constraints
  • Sequence Dependent Setup Time

Some of the key benefits your company will enjoy with the Shop Floor Scheduler module:

  • Optimal usage of resources by reducing production downtimes
  • Improved capacity utilization
  • Increased throughput by decreasing production lead times

Techatalyst Shop Floor Scheduler does it by

  • Considering factory times and resource available times
  • Pulling in orders with same setup to reduce sequence dependent setup time
  • Giving planned start and end time for all the work orders
  • Loading of sub-resource

Techatalyst Shop Floor Scheduler module has the following functionalities:

  • Graphical display of schedule orders using Gantt Chart
  • Manually moveable scheduled orders by drag and drop
  • Ability to lock a schedule
  • Different strategies for scheduling such as minimize WIP or maximize resource utilization
  • Schedule resource by resource or order by order
  • Ability to see the links between upstream and downstream operations graphically
  • Respects resource constraints such as working time, setup time, wait time, min queue time and transfer batch quantity
  • Model sequence dependent setup time