Production Planning

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Techatalyst intelligent production planning software gives manufacturers a competitive edge.

Techatalyst production planning solution has been developed in collaboration with several customers over several years.

Every implementation leads to improvements and new features. These are carefully studied and then adapted to suit your business processes.

Production planning involves automatic generation of work orders and procurement orders based on

  • Real time material and capacity constraints end-to-end
  • Minimizing costs by reducing inventory and work in progress
  • Effective resource utilization
  • Adherence to customer delivery dates

Techatalyst Production Planning module does it by

  • Considering both material and capacity constraints simultaneously while generating production plan
  • Using pull based model to generate the plan thereby reducing inventory
  • Maintaining safety stock
  • Reducing resource downtime by aligning the flow of material

Features of Techatalyst Production Planning module:

  • What-if analysis capability to find if a new order can be satisfied, given that a set of orders are already planned in the system
  • Infinite capacity planning
  • Incremental planning of an order
  • Prioritize an order based on customer
  • Consolidate all orders
  • Lock/freeze a plan up to a certain number of days
  • Model calendar such as working shifts, holidays, planned maintenance and overtime
  • Planned orders can be viewed using Gantt chart
  • Graphical representation of factory shop floor and movement of orders
  • Support of 1-level of distribution from factory to customer while planning
  • Different resource types such as simple, aggregate, pool, batch and subcontract
  • Model capacity constraints such as setup time, wait time, min queue time, transfer batch quantity, yield, alternate resource and alternate routing.
  • Model material constraints like operation level consumption, by products, lot sizes and alternate item
  • Warns how work orders and sales orders are affected when
    • Supplier has delayed his shipment
    • Cycle time variation
    • Material rejection
    • Resource breakdown