Techatalyst-GetCloud is the service offered by Techatalyst to catapult it’s clients to cloud computing. Cloud computing has already proved it’s might in day-to-day business transactions with it’s high scalability, low costs and speed of deployment. Now, it is time that mid-sized enterprises bank on these features of cloud computing. For this transformation to cloud technology, Techatalyst is offering it’s GetCloud service to the clients.

The major advantage of Techatalyst-GetCloud is that clients can leverage their investment in SAP infrastructure and get better returns by moving to our cloud services.

Techatalyst-GetCloud service are:

  • Clients can save up to 40% of cost in a period of 3 year.
  • Techatalyst-GetCloud not only addresses your SAP issues, but also issues related to hardware, OS,networking, BASIS and database
  • Techatalyst assures high quality SAP consultants for supporting customers critical needs.
  • Through Techatalyst-GetCloud Capital Expenditure in hardware and infrastructure is converted into Operating Expenditure, thus reducing risks for clients.
  • And all of this with a single monthly payment* 

Techatalyst-GetCloud services coverage:

  • End-to-end SAP support for smooth business operations at all levels by ensuring uninterrupted SAP uptime and throughput.
  • Keeping the systems updated with new SAP releases and enable customer leverage new SAP features.
  • Get customized support systems according to your business needs – Be it 24*7 or 2 Shifts along with On-call Weekend
  • Techatalyst assures not only reactive but proactive support with diagnosis of issues before they arise
  • Implementation of value added SAP components for unmet business needs