Techatalyst Eco-system

Techatalyst offers an environment that is oriented to your growth and advancement. We go out of the way to ensure that you are supported for growth. This difference is perceptible from day one and will continue to be obvious as you progress along the ranks. 

Our eco-system includes:

A well planned Mentoring Program – Every new entrant is taken under the wings by a senior person i.e. mentor. The Mentor guides him in all the work related activities in the company. 

Training Programs – We tend to call it Gaining programs – Techatalyst provides you training related to the product, processes, knowledge sharing, These programs are conducted on regular basis to enhance the knowledge.

Flexible Work Timings – Techatalyst is a forward thinking organization and offers staff the flexibility to adjust their working hours to suit their requirements.

Facilities to Work from Home – At times when you are unwell or taking care of a convalescent, attending office might be difficult. We understand. Techatalyst not only provides you the opportunity to work from home during this period, we also provide you with the resources to do so!

Meal Vouchers – Techatalyst provides meal vouchers as a part of remuneration. This is non taxable amount and thus benefits the people here.

Various Reimbursements & Allowances – Our compensation packages include payments for working late, medical expenses, traveling allowances etc.

Buddy Lunches for new employees – Every new employee at Techatalyst is welcomed and made to feel comfortable in the new organization. The new employee is normally welcomed to the organization with a buddy lunch hosted by the mentor or his colleagues.

Perks Techatalyst supports a merit led environment that recognizes efforts and rewards achievement. Our packages include bonuses for joining, performance as well as the traditional end of the year bonus.

We have created the ecosystem for growth, come sow the seeds of advancement!