Purpose Built to Suit Client specific needs

At Techatalyst we understand the multifarious needs of our Customer. Every service is tackled as a unique setup. It is custom built to suit the specifics of every client.

We create an environment that people like to work in. With atmospherics that unleash creativity. Techatalyst institutes infrastructure that captures and sustains these capabilities.

Technical Infrastructure:

  • Techatalyst enables service delivery based on client specific servers and software platforms through secured VPN connections.
  • Techatalyst’s partnership with leading technology vendors allows us to procure, commission, and maintain a plethora of Tech platforms.
  • Techatalyst applies a strict security framework (Level A to C) for managing assets, giving our clients comfort in the knowledge that their data is protected.
  • We are aware of the complexity of data protection and rules & regulations for accessing sensitive end-client data. We thus have a robust security infrastructure, policies & training initiatives for our employees so as to meet the exacting standards that our clients demand of us.
  • We encourage our clients to visit our delivery centers to understand every aspect of the technology that is used to access the client’s production servers. Our clients are also allowed regular audits of our facilities based on agreed contractual terms.